Versand & Lieferung

Die auf den Produktseiten genannten Preise enthalten die gesetzliche Mehrwertsteuer und sonstige Preisbestandteile
inklusive der Versandkosten in alle angegebenen Länder innerhalb und ausserhalb der EU.
Sollte Ihr Land nicht gelistet sein, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte vor einer Bestellung.

Es kann vorkommen, dass der von Ihnen bestellte Artikel gerade nicht vorrätig ist. Da alle Produkte von le.sens liebevoll einzeln von Hand gefertigt werden, dauert es einige Tage, bis Ihre Bestellung für Sie angefertigt ist. In der Regel versenden wir innerhalb von ca. 7 Tagen. Sollte es in Ausnahmefällen doch etwas länger dauern, setzen wir uns mit Ihnen in Verbindung. 

Übliche Laufzeiten für den Versand mit DHL betragen 1-3 Tage innerhalb Deutschlands, 5-7 Tage innerhalb der EU und 7-14 für alle übrigen Länder.

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shipping & delivery

shipping is free for all listed countries. If your country is not listed, please contact us before placing your order.

not included are eventual customs fees and other import taxes for orders from outside the EU.

le.sens products are individually made on order. usually we ship within 7 days after receiving your order and payment. If for some unexpected reasons we are not able to ship your order within this time, we will contact you by email.

average delivery times for DHL shippments are usually 1-3 days for Germany, 5-7 days for EU countries and 7-14 days for all other countries.

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le.sens was founded in hamburg, germany by designer leonie sens. the product philosophy behind le.sens is driven by both an unique artistic vision and the aim to create and produce pieces that are setting standards for design, quality and craftsmanship. the designs of the le.sens collections are pushing the limits and re-defining the concepts of traditional scarf design. they are colorful and inspiring in a fresh and unique way while at the same time very organic and textile. every design starts as a meticulous hand drawing and is then taken through a careful manufacturing process in le.sens‘ own hamburg based workshops. le.sens accessories are made from a selection of highest quality fabrics that are exclusively provided by world leading italian mills. the variety of the natural-fibers-only materials includes finest cashmere, cashmere-silk, merino wool, linen, silk-cotton and cotton-voile fabrics. all pieces are individually made on order by employing the traditional artisan craft of screen printing in combination with eco-friendly water based colors. no harmful solvents are used in this process. every piece is finally sewn, washed and finished by hand. each le.sens piece is like a poetic storyboard inspired by the philosophy ‘that everything you can think of is true...’. every narrative has it’s own ecology and follows it’s own rules. the collections are a design work in progress and not following short living trends. every new collection builds on the previous ones and therefore every new season the past collection stays available for order. the present collections evolve from the aesthetic concepts that have been established in the previous ones: such as the exploration of proximity and scale or the investigation of visual imagination. le.sens accessories are available at leading retailers around the globe.
designer leonie sens has developed an individual language and iconography that is evident in every collection, yet every collection creates a new and sublime imaginary microcosmos around its own poetic story board.