each le.sens piece is like a poetic storyboard
inspired by the philosophy
‘that everything you can think of is true...’


le.sens is our passion for unique design and quality.

le.sens is driven by a strong artistic vision and our dedication to craftsmanship and quality - that's what makes le.sens pieces stand out in todays commercialised fashion industry. our pieces are carefully developed and taken through a sophisticated manufacturing process in our own workshop. le.sens pieces are allways recognizable and their quality is truly exceptional. that’s why our pieces become our customers 'favourite pieces'.

le.sens collections are a design work in progress.

le.sens creates a contemporary design world that is colorful and inspiring in a fresh and unique way. every design starts as a meticulous hand drawing - a narrative that has it’s own ecology and follows it’s own rules. every new collection evolves from the aesthetic concepts that have been established in the previous ones. we don’t allow us to follow short lived trends. so no wonder le.sens pieces are considered as collectors items.

craft & quality
le.sens products are hand made in germany.

when it comes to artisan craftsmanship le.sens stands out as one of the most sophisticated screen printing artisan workshops. we are dedicated to this demanding and elaborated process as it allows us to create unique pieces that are not possible to produce in any other way. every step is done by hand - from our special printing process to the finishing touches. that together with our love for detail makes each piece unique.

le.sens was founded in 2008 by designer leonie sens.

as a small and indipendent company le.sens produces and operates from its own studio in hamburg, germany. we don’t believe in todays profit oriented global textile production business. we believe that creativity and quality is related to the ethics of how we live and work. that’s why we believe in long term relationships with all our partners - suppliers, retailers and last but not least: our customers.

le.sens has a strong focus on ecology and sustainability.

this is true for both the products and the production process. our products are made as much as possible from natural fibres and materials only. our fabrics are provided only by the best italian mills. we print with the most refined water based colors that contain no harmfull solvents. we maintain a short way supply chain that is respectfull to our resources. we produce just a limited number of pieces and on order only.


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